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About Steve Rosenbaum

Steve Rosenbaum's coaching, mentoring and proven business building systems have helped thousands of authors, coaches, consultants, thought leaders and business owners around the world.

Many of you go to sleep every night with that gnawing feeling that opportunities are falling through the cracks, you're not finding and keeping new clients or booking enough gigs, customers are fleeing to the competition, or worse yet, forgetting about the wonderful products & services you work so hard to deliver (it's the #1 reason people stop doing business with you).

My proprietary "Back End" systems put an end to all of your worries. These sales & marketing processes quickly find & close immediate opportunities for your company and allow you to command the highest prices. They also follow up & nurture prospects so no more hot leads fall through the cracks.

“I look forward to discussing how my proven systems will build you the legacy of your dreams”

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Watch This and Discover "The Perfect Sales Storm"

This is the audio version of Steve's chapter from New York Times Best Selling author Joel Comm's "So What Do You Do, Vol. 2" featuring the "40 Geniuses Next Door". When you join Legacy Builder you will discover the how this critical lesson can exponentially grow your wealth beginning within the first 90 days.

Case Study: Maximizing Revenue Per Customer

This video is an example of Steve's educational style of speaking in which he shares proof of a business's success utilizing his proprietary processes. Steve's proven processes have been used by thousands of businesses of all types and sizes around the world.

This video is taken from Steve's Top-Rated Udemy Course: "Ecommerce Marketing Strategy: Repeat Sales Email Sequence"

Success Stories: Darrien Hill
Success Stories: Jamie Houston
Success Stories: Jason and Georg
Watch "More Sales Now" - Chamber of Commerce (Plano, TX)

What People Are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Thank you very much for your inspired teaching!

"Steve's thorough approach to attracting clients to my funnel and getting results is what I find most beneficial. His teaching and coaching is invaluable and I would highly recommend your program.

Susanna Terry

Re-Joined and Made over $7000 USD

"I'm an extremely result's driven coach that because of growth found myself nearing burnout.

After spending 1 hour with Steve, I knew he had the expertise and vision to make the process grace-filled and profitable.

No fluff. No hard sell. Just pure strategy.I signed up for his 12 session coaching package (which by the way is a steal) in about 5 minutes. 

Becky Harmon

Made $24,000 + $3MM for his Client

I took Steve's concepts and signed up a client for a $24,000 campaign that closed 3 new clients worth over $3,000,000.

I have assisted clients in generating millions in new revenue using Steve's Back End Automation strategies.

Jay Harmon

Made $300k for Client

Steve's teachings opened my mind to a 'new way' of marketing, and then to how I could become a consultant and sell my services to new clients. So much so, that I was able to quit my 9-5 job and start my own marketing business.

SalesCPR has been my most successful. One small email marketing campaign generated nearly $300,000 in sales for a client, and we had people responding within minutes of the first email being sent!

Jamie Houston

Re-Joined and Made over $7000 USD

"I signed up when it first came out and didn't take action and then paid again to join ofm recently. I quickly sold funnel to two clients here in the UK both deals of around £3k each (over $7000!). Many thanks!”

Simon Kensington-Fellows

"I've learned more from Steve's training sessions than all others combined. Steve's a great guy and one of the few I trust."
Leon Calhoun

"Of all the marketing specialists I have come across, your system makes the most sense to me in terms of helping the majority of businesses."
Linda Spector

"Steve Rosenbaum really knows his stuff, but beyond that, he knows how to teach what he knows in a way that makes it fun and easy to learn!  :)"
Suzette DesJardins

"Steve Rosenbaum is one of the best sales and marketing trainers in the business. After going through his content, I have learned a skill set that takes what I have learned in my 25 years of experience in sales and marketing and puts it on steroids. He teaches simple concepts, that only need to be planned out and then executed. it is pure gold! Thank you Steve!"
Craig J Costenbader

"I’m digging into the training and wondering how I am going to be able to sleep. My mind is going into overdrive and can’t wait till I get into the implementation stage."
Will Simms

"This has to be one of the best investments I have ever made. These modules have been so helpful; information and guidance in ways many others that were/are more expensive couldn't touch."
Carol Santella

"Your training is top notch, in my book; you cover all the bases and go above and beyond to make sure your students have everything they need. Thank you.”
Ed Carey

"I have followed Steve Rosenbaum for years now. Whenever I implemented exactly what he told me I made money!"
Terrell Ray

"I took immediate, decisive, focused although imperfect action after our coaching call and very quickly went from zero people in my "7-iron funnel" to a funnel full of warm and hot prospects."
Ron Bartling

"Best person I have seen taking about systemizing businesses."
Dan Hammick

"It is the missing link for so many businesses and Steve nails it."
Craig Worrell

Made $4500 + $7800 for his Client

My SalesCPR client just generated $7800 in new business.

They are thrilled and want me to run it again!

They paid me $1500 setup and $500 per month for 6 months...

Brian Culley

Even More Rave Reviews...

I Look Forward to Speaking With You!!!

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